Rick Schwartz Returns to Domain Conference Spotlight to Talk Negotiation at NamesCon Global

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Rick Schwartz Returns to Domain Conference Spotlight to Talk Negotiation at NamesCon Global

It’s been a long time comingbut king of the domain Rick Schwartz was eventually lured back into the spotlight of a major domain conference by NamesCon Global. As co-founder of the legendary TRAFFIC conference (with Howard Neu), Rick’s name has been synonymous with conference for a full decade since the industry began first major conference in 2004 at last
TRAFFIC conference
in 2014.

Since then, the outspoken industry pioneer has maintained a high profile profile through frequent posts on his popular Twitter feed and occasional articles on RicksBlog.com. However, aside from a semi-private event he hosted at Ashville in 2019Rick didn’t sit for a long form Direct conference talk
since wrapped TRAFFIC. That will change during the four days of NamesCon Global 2022 in Austin, Texas. August 31 through September 3 when Rick will discuss The art of negotiation in a masterclass session with star broker Kate Buckley of BuckleyMedia.com

(the exact date and time of the session had not yet been announced on the still evolving show agenda).

Kate Buckley

Kate, who has been at or near the top of DNJournal sales for years, will be in Austin while Rick will be on a conference call for the conference. With several million dollars value of domain sales under their belt, there are few people on the planet who are so well qualified to provide insight into effective negotiation methods like this pair. One thing that will make this conversation particularly interesting is that Kate and Rick have very different personalities and their own ideas of how to negotiate successfully (think velvet glove versus iron fist), but they both end up by systematically arriving at the same destination – a successful sale.

If you are considering register for NamesCon, this is the right time to do so. They have one 45% off
summer sale in effect but offer expires August
1 so time is running out for this offer. We will, of course, be in Austin, and hope to see you there!

(Published July 27, 2022)


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