How to Solve the Astral Puzzle in Mona’s Domain

Genshin Impact players will need to solve tricky puzzles to traverse Mona’s new domain, and the astral puzzles are some of the most difficult in the game. These puzzles will require players to follow certain patterns when tracing constellations with special mechanics found in the field.

Players will need to complete many of these puzzles if they want to progress through the game and completing all of them can be quite a difficult task. Luckily, once players understand how the puzzle mechanics work, they can easily solve each one.

This article serves as a guide to how the Astral Puzzles work in Mona’s New Domain.

How to Solve Astral Puzzles in Mona’s Domain

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Solving the astral puzzles in Genshin Impact’s new realm may seem like a daunting task, but it can be easier once players understand its underlying mechanics. Players will need to complete several of these astral puzzles if they want to get all the rewards from Mona’s new domain, and the solution is a lot easier than it looks. For the most part, all players need to do is create the displayed constellation using the mechanics known as Star Guides found on the ground.

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To complete this unique puzzle type, players will need to recreate constellation patterns that can be found in multiple puzzle rooms. Players will need to recreate these constellations using Star Guides. These Star Guides can be activated by hitting them, which will cause them to release a beam of blue light. Interacting with them will turn them into a laser, allowing players to recreate the constellation.

All solutions for astral puzzles in The Ancient Azure Stars (Mona event domain). Listed in chronological order. Video guide:

These constellations can get quite complex, but by having a reference to check, Genshin Impact players can easily solve all of these domain puzzles in just a few minutes. The hardest part of finishing these astral puzzles is making sure each Star Guide is pointing in the right direction, but fans have unlimited time trying to recreate the necessary constellation. Players will want to make sure they complete each of these puzzles, as they will reward them with important items and help them progress in the quest.

Monas 3rd astral puzzle if you need I didn’t take pictures of the other 2 because I’m stupid srry

If players get stuck on one of these puzzles, they can always use characters like Zhongli or Kazuha to get a higher vantage point on the puzzle. This can help them stitch the image together more easily, allowing for better visualization of the constellation. Players can also take a screenshot of the constellation to check as they complete the puzzle.

Mona’s domain is one of the most complex domains in Genshin Impact, and players will find tons of hidden secrets there. Completing these Astral Puzzles will allow players to continue Mona’s Event Quest, which is key to unlocking more features in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Therefore, players will want to make sure they master these puzzles as they will find several in Mona’s domain, including one that hides a ghostly conch behind her.

Genshin Impact’s new event realm is full of puzzles to solve, and the astral puzzles are some of the trickiest in the game.

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